Spring is in the Air!

Posted on May 03, 2013 by CJ Robinson | 0 Comments

 It's Spring time! The weather is amazing and the sun is shining, your pup is loving long walks through the green grass. Hidden in the grass are those pesky ticks. Yes it's Tick Season! There are two kinds of ticks, the deer tick pictured below on the left which if infected carries Lyme Disease and the common dog tick on the right, we have probably all found on our dogs at one point or another.


There are lots of remedies for preventing this buggers from munching on your pup. Frontline, Advantax, etc all work well but contain harsh chemicals that may make your pup sick or even burn their skin which we have seen. We recommend an all natural solution such as the repellant we have tried and carry by Aroma Paws. Or we also like Natural Defense by Sentry which we also have used. Both have peppermint, clove and lemongrass as their main ingredients.

So be good to your pup and protect them from those nasty buggers and help prevent them from being bit or even contracting Lyme Disease.

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