Warm Clothes for Big Dogs!

Posted on October 28, 2013 by CJ Robinson | 0 Comments

It has always been hard for us to find proper warm clothing for our dogs which was one of our goals in launching this site. All the apparel we sell we also use in our daily lives. The girls truly test every item, we have everything from raincoats for the rain to sweaters to keep them warm.

So here is what we recommend:

Raincoats-great for keeping your pup dry and less work for you to have to towel dry them when they come in.

Performance Fleece-these are our every day pieces to keep the girls warm when the temperature drops. They have lots of stretch so are super easy to put on and come in really nice colors. One of the other best things is you can pop them in the washer machine and lay flat to dry and they come out like brand new.

Sweaters-made from 100% organic wool, they will show off your pup's personality and keep them warm at the same time. The cable knits have more give and we suggest the cable and shawl collar sweaters for pups with deep, large chests. The knits are also great for a snug all around fit.

Wool Coats-designed in Australia these are one the warmest of all the apparel we offer. They do not provide any coverage for under the chest or belly but we will layer a fleece under these for those super cold, snowy days. Flannel lined we love these!

Parkas-these are the warmest jacket with the most coverage, under the belly, wind and water proof, the fit is wonderful. The ultimate snow jacket for your pup!

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