I have been around dogs all my life having raised National Champion Arabian horses with my family where we lived on 55 acres in Connecticut and had five to six dogs running around constantly, from Newfoundlands to German Shepherds and Blood Hounds to Labradors. I had been thinking about starting the Dakota Dog Company, named after my beloved German Boxer Dakota for several years but just never got it off the ground. In 2011 she became very sick and has almost died on me four times over the past three years as she has an auto immune disease called Thrombocytopenia (basically her immune system kills off her white blood cells). It's been a battle but she is getting better and stronger every day and once again taught me a valuable lesson, 'tomorrow is not guaranteed and appreciate what you have today.'

I also want to introduce Montana, Kota's 'Lil Sister', who was a Christmas gift from my Mom and arrived via special truck delivery on Christmas Eve 2012 all the way from Kansas! We have added to our pack with the addition of Sedona from Boxers of Palo Mesa in California, she arrived on November 5th, 2014!

The idea behind the Dakota Dog Company is to provide the best of the best for pups everywhere, from the most wholesome treats to wonderful toys to captivate their attention, all at affordable prices! I wanted a store that carried things we use and believe in and dog owners really want and need.

So here we are, The Dakota Dog Company! 

We hand pick each product to be featured in our store, only the highest quality, best ingredients and most wonderful toys and much more that we have actually tested ourselves and absolutely love, all Dakota, Montana & Sedona approved of course! 

Our store launched December 2011 in Jersey City and we launched our second retail location at 25 Senate Place in early 2018.

Thanks for visiting our site and we'll see you around the dog park! CJ, Dakota, Montana and Sedona

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